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Our Introduction

See The World,
Beneath The Waves!

Our team consists of multi lingual experts who can tailor make every dive to our guests experience level over a wide range of marine environments.
The waters off Praslin Island are some of the most biodiverse in the archipelago with a veritable plethora to discover. From the macro to the micro our dives promise an unprecedented access to the psychedelic underwater world.
Our genuine hospitable nature with our dedication to professionalism are a point of pride and the start to the formation of true friendship with our guests

  • Our number 1 priority is you!

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Fun Dives

We know that there is so much to see, this is one of the reason why we strive to make our package deals as exciting as possible.

Diving Training

After your first dive many wish to explore further, if you are one of them, then these course are calling you 🙂

Little sister islands

Unique Sites

We strive our best to put the most unique site on the map for your enjoyment and we are still exploring more to offer you.

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