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If you’ve never  been to the Seychelles, you must, at least, have seen photographs of the white sand beaches, bathed in blue waters, and surrounded with huge granite rocks composing our inner islands. Well, imagine these rocks now, covered with sponges, soft and hard coral, hosting all kinds of creatures crawling, walking, resting, feeding, hunting, mating, and who knows what more, with clouds of multi-coloured reef fish, of all sizes, all shapes, with all behaviours, hovering above. Clouds of fish that look for a shelter as soon as a predator shows up. Because these granite rocks have a lot to offer for the fish and for the divers : holes, caves, hangovers, swimthroughs, beautifully built by nature, and geniously used by life. A life that owes its great diversity to the richness in plankton of the waters flooding these rocks. If you like tiny creatures, well, you’ll be served. Nudibranchs, shrimps, blenies, gobies, pipefish, to name just a few, playing hide & seek with you. If you like big creatures, well, you won’t be disappointed either. Stingrays, turtles, whitetip and nurse sharks, or groupers, finding “granite houses” to rest during the day. But don’t forget to raise the head and look all around, because you might see a group of eagle-rays passing-by, napoleons curiously looking at you, humphead parrotfish “crunshing” coral, barracudas showing their shiny teeth, or grey reef sharks cruising and waiting for the night to hunt. But above all, if it darkens suddenly around you, immediatly look up. It might just be a cloud, but it might as well be the biggest fish of the world that comes and says hello to us every year, we’re talking about the whale-shark, of course. So if it sounds interesting to you, just come and see it for yourself. We’ll be delighted to guide you down there.