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Whitetipdivers is THE dive centre at praslin seychelles for beginners and professional divers. You have the possibility to get your padi certification right at the dive centre and you can have some smooth dives with lots of big, small and colorful fish.

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Booby Rock

Great intro to diving

William - 21.12.2012 - 18:12

I had been scuba diving once before, my wife had never been. She was a bit nervous about just "jumping straight in at the deep end" as it were, but luckily the intro dive from White Tip really put her at ease. They take time to practise a lot of the techniques in their pool first which means that you will know how to respond to any scenarios on your dive e.g. steamed up mask, controlling your buoyency, losing your regulator etc. This put my wife at ease and I think this meant that we went in very relaxed and really enjoyed the dive. Simona delivers the course at a good pace and really makes sure that you are comfortable and know all the basic techniques before going out on your first dive. We dived off St Pierre and saw turtles, bat fish and a reef shark amongst others. A professional dive school with a caring and chilled out atmosphere. We'd definitely dive with them again.

Whale Rock


Maria Fernanda Jesus Silva - 24.08.2012 - 16:08

My husband and I made scuba diving with you. We were logded in Berjaya Praslin Resort a few years ago. It was an excellent experience. I am still very thankfull to the very professional team that were with us. I come to you now to ask you the minimum age for practise scuba diving. I have two grand sons that would like to make the experience. They can swimm very well. They have 8 and 6 years old in the next year. Is it possible for them to have the first scuba diving lessons with you and go to Teresa Island? Thanks for your kind answer. Maria

Booby Rock


Mike - 23.10.2011 - 15:10

I have made my Open water diver with Whitetip dive center on Praslin and I would like to thanks the team ( all of them are Padi Instructors). I'am already checking out for my next trip to Praslin.

Sister Rock


lucky - 19.10.2011 - 05:10

Very good dive center; Diving in Praslin is much more better than Mahe; We dive with WHITETIP DIVERS and we could see many many big things in one dive than in 10 dives in Mahe. Thank a lot to the team

Booby Rock

plongée praslin

Marie - 18.10.2011 - 06:10

This is the best organized dive center I have seen; Thank you guys for your professional care to your divers;

Sister Bank

diving immersioni praslin

andrea - 18.10.2011 - 06:10

Immersioni fantastiche con squalo balena. Grazie mille ragazzi per la formidabile esperienza. Ci vediamo in aprile

Whale Rock


Tony - 18.10.2011 - 06:10

Thank you to the Whitetip Divers, the dive center on Praslin, for the beautiful dive and their care to us during our stay in Praslin

Channel Rock

diving praslin

steve - 15.10.2011 - 05:10

We have been to Seychelles 2 weeks ago and we dived with Whitetip Divers at Channal Rock. Very beautiful spot rich of coulor and life. Many thanks to the staff: great team. On the way back we saw a whale shark

White Bank

White Bank

barbara - 08.10.2011 - 05:10

I dived at White Bank last week and I must thanks the staff for the fantastic dive. The first 10 minutes it was like to be in a movie: whitetip sharks, sting rays, eagle rays, turtle and group of fish everywhere. Very nice spot.

Red Point

Booby rock

simo - 04.10.2011 - 05:10

We were there yesterday and guess what???? we saw dolphins while diving!!!!!!

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